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June 25th, 2015


DRAM Innovations mission is to effectively design, develop and execute reliable green technologies for the global market, resulting in clean and efficient day to day operations for consumers and businesses alike.


DRAM Innovations vision is to develop the global environmental sector by providing profitable, cutting edge technology. DRAM Innovations is strategically diversified allowing our firm to readily adapt to market demands, emerging technologies and new projects. Our vision is to inspire society into a greener way of thinking by implementing Eco-friendly technologies which are beneficial to everyone.


DRAM Innovations has a unique approach which emphasizes the core values that have laid the ground-work for our current business and for all of our future ventures.

DRAM Innovations values:

The safety and well being of our employees, partners and clients while on and off of the job.
Strong ethics and honesty as they are the foundation in developing a well established corporation.
The environment and by doing so minimizing the ecological impact we have while carrying out our day-to-day operations.
Our unique approach to business where we are driven for profit but do not let our profits drive us.
An open-minded approach to all engineering challenges that we encounter, exercising out-of-the box thinking, resulting in unique designs.
Creating an equal opportunity, stimulating work environment with challenging and rewarding positions that encourages employees to assume responsibilities and take initiative both in and out of the workplace.
Developing a culture where enhancing the quality of life, not only for humans, but all living things, becomes not only a philosophy but a way of life.


DRAM Innovations focuses on engineering, developing and integrating Green technologies to enhance the quality of life on a global scale.
DRAM Innovations commits to generating sustainable long term profits to ensure a strong financial future for our shareholders, partners, and clients.
It is DRAM Innovations obligation to minimize our ecological foot print in all our endeavors in attaining sustainability
DRAM Innovations will maintain a diverse, safe, ethical and productive work environment for all it’s employees, clients and partners alike